REpresentational State Transfer (REST) web services are services built using the RESTful architectural style. It is resources identified by universal resource identifiers (URs) that are manipulated through HTTP header operations. Then, the information is exchanged by using representations of these resources. RESTful approach uses SOAP-based technologies for deploying services on the Internet. It is useful in integrating computer applications that are written in different languages and run on different platforms. In our web services we have four main services that we provide, which are: coloring text in silent stage, coloring text in affixes stage, text transliteration and text-to speech. Every service that we have is modeled as a web resource with a unique URI. As we will explain later, our web service is clear, easy to use and helpful to be used in integration with any other platforms. In tables bellow will describe how to use these service with an example to easily understand it. These are function that we provided:

Coloring Affixes

Coloring Silent


Text to Speech